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Simplify your data management distribution for both you and your customers. Supplier Partner’s tool enables each customer to manage their own custom export of your data, saving both of you time and effort.

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For Suppliers

Our merchandise management system is a powerful, flexible, and robust tool. It was developed by inventory and merchandising experts to give you everything you need and nothing you don’t. With unlimited importing and exporting abilities, whether with a spreadsheet or by FTP, plus the ability to create customs fields for your specific products, your imagination is the limit for our application.

For Resellers

Our software allows you to download your supplier’s product information as often as you’d like, in whatever format you’d like. The options include having a custom spreadsheet that you create emailed to you, as well as sent to your FTP server on a daily schedule, which opens the door for full automation. Save your merchandisers time by eliminating the need to reformat data as it comes in, or call your supplier for additional questions.

Referral Program

Wish you could get all your suppliers to offer Supplier Partner? So do we! We’ll sweeten the deal by giving you free access for a year to every supplier you refer to us. It shouldn’t be too hard of a sell – it’s free to them! Simply suggest to them that they should check us out, and when they sign up we’ll find out who referred them! No fancy codes necessary!

Supplier Partner
Supplier Partner
Supplier Partner
Supplier Partner

Save time by reducing your inbound calls and emails requesting product and inventory information by providing real time access to your information.

Increase sales and reduce cancellations by making it as easy as possible for your resellers to list the most accurate and detailed product information available.

Eliminate manual tasks and human error be creating templates and generating them with a scheduler, whether by download, email, or FTP.

Browser based access allows you and your resellers to access the information with nothing but an internet connection.

Eliminate the multitudes of spreadsheets and consolidate all catalog information into one central hub. Eliminating confusion and data loss.

Automate the monotonous and tedious tasks of formatting and generating data, so you can focus on whats important.